What others think…

“Ciara is a lady of exceptional ability as a counsellor, and is considered of extremely good standing within the profession.  She brings a high degree of professionalism to all areas of her counselling work.
A lady of congenial and endearing personality, Ciara relates extremely well to clients and colleagues alike, she is held in the highest esteem by those in her profession, showing integrity, good judgement, and a measured response in all of her dealings.
Ciara’s empathy and sensitivity, combined with her wonderful ability to relate to others, assists her admirably in earning the esteemed reputation which she thoroughly deserves.”


“Thanks for listening. You were really helpful. You were the only counsellor I could be 100% honest with, I felt I could tell you it all, and I did.”


The help, support, encouragement and kindness you have shown me over the last few months was fundamental in helping me find the right path.


What I can do for you